Laser Therapy


At Southcoast Chiropractic we have introduced Low Level Laser therapy as an
additional treatment option. We are excited to add this modality as the research is very clear on the benefits of laser on achieving long term improvements in many

Laser is a non-invasive treatment that helps reduce both acute (recent) and chronic
(long standing) pain and accelerates tissue repair.

How does laser work??

Laser therapy works by delivering deep penetrating light energy to damaged cells.
This light energy is then utilized by the cells to produce cellular energy which speeds
up the healing process.

This light energy also helps the blood vessels provide more life-giving oxygen to the damaged tissue which further accelerates healing.

Unwanted inflammatory chemicals from the damaged tissue are also flushed away more efficiently as the laser stimulates lymphatic drainage of the area. This further reduces pain and discomfort.

The laser also drastically reduces the formation of stiff, fibrotic scar tissue at the injury site and encourages the production of healthy tissue that is strong and flexible.

Is Laser right for me?

Low-level laser has been in use for over forty years with no documented serious side effects at all.

There are very few conditions that laser therapy has been shown to not offer some benefit for.

There are numerous “Gold Standard” studies that have come out exceedingly strongly in support of low-level laser therapy world wide.

Some of the conditions that laser has been proven clinically to help include:

Back and leg pain


Neck Pain




Frozen shoulder

Nerve injuries


What treatment is right for me?

Within the clinical setting laser can be utilized as an adjunct to treatment to help
relieve swelling and pain. However it is at it’s most effective when a full course of specific laser therapy following a set protocol is employed.

Results vary in expected recovery time and degree of symptom relief. Some patients notice immediate tremendous improvement of symptoms after just one or two treatments. With other patients results are more gradual especially if the condition has been present for some time.

Laser therapy has been shown to have a cumulative affect and often a full trial of between 6 to 12 treatments is needed before symptoms begin to improve.

Research shows that laser will improve the results achieved by other modalities and these improvements are long lasting.

Please ask your chiropractor whether laser therapy can be of benefit for your individual case and which treatment plan will best achieve your health goals.

Fee Structures

Full course of laser therapy (up to 12 treatments) $60 per session

Trial of one to two treatments combined with chiropractic $75 per session