Chiropractic is defined as “A healing art that improves function of the spine and Central Nervous System“.  This in turn helps clear up the pathways between the brain and the body and its environment.  This allows your brain to accurately perceive what is going on and respond accordingly.


At Southcoast Chiropractic we have a highly experienced team of Chiropractors and Osteopath who are skilled at determining if chiropractic or osteopathy treatment will be of benefit for your condition. They then tailor a specific treatment plan to suit each individuals health goals.


The Chiropractors and Osteopath employ a large range of treatment techniques to ensure the best outcome for your condition.  We utilise techniques ranging from very gentle low force techniques using highly specific adjusting instruments through to diversified and gonstead manual spinal adjusting.


We also use various muscle release techniques, stretching and are able to provide up to date, evidence-based, strengthening and stretching exercise advice.