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We are a Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Massage and laser therapy clinic based in Southport on the Gold Coast. At Southcoast Chiropractic we employ a number of techniques that are tailored to individual needs. Due to the years of experience of our Chiropractors and Osteopath, we are able to offer a wide range of treatment techniques. If you’re suffering from neck or back pain, need an adjustment or want to talk to an experienced professional call us today on 07 55 311 434 to find out how we can help today!

Sam-Osteo-photo_webWe would like to welcome our new Osteopath Sam to the clinic

Sam’s lifelong passion has been health and fitness. She has dedicated her working life to helping others be the best version of themselves.
As a Practitioner, Sam invests wholeheartedly in the wellness of her patients. She strongly believes that ‘applied knowledge’ is power, and she strives to not only utilise her own expertise, but to also provide her patients with all the available tools to empower them in their recovery to improved health and function.
Sam has a Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine from Southern Cross University & her other qualifications include Diploma of Remedial Massage, Dry Needling, Personal Trainer, Biomechanics and Certificate in Exercise for Older Populations.
Downtime usually includes coffee with friends, going to the gym or reading a good book.

Our Services

Chirporactic Treatment

Chiropractic is defined as “A healing art that improves function of the spine and Central Nervous System“. This in turn helps clear up the pathways between the brain and the body and its environment. This allows your brain to accurately perceive what is going on and respond accordingly.

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Osteopaths have studied at University for 4.5 years and have Masters Degrees in Osteopathic Medicine. When you see an Osteopath they will adopt a whole body focus to understand what may be going on with your musculoskeletal system, and your Nervous System

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Laser Therapy

At Southcoast Chiropractic we have introduced Low Level Laser therapy as an
additional treatment option. We are excited to add this modality as the research is very clear on the benefits of laser on achieving long term improvements in many

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Massage Therapy

Leanne Hutchinson is a very experienced Remedial Therapist who uses a wide range of techniques depending on the client’s needs. Leanne has a Diploma in Remedial Massage and is a CHEK Exercise Coach

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