Osteopaths have studied at University for 4.5 years and have Masters Degrees in Osteopathic Medicine. When you see an Osteopath they will adopt a whole body focus to understand what may be going on with your musculoskeletal system, and your Nervous System. They will focus on your joints, muscles and Ligaments and how they are interacting with your Nervous System.

On your first visit the Osteopath will generally ask a lot of questions about your present conditions and any past medical history. This is to help us build a whole picture of your health and health history. The Osteopath will assess your movement and mobility using a variety of Orthopedic Tests and hands – on movement of the joints and spine.

Treatment will vary using techniques to gently move the joints and increase the range of motion. Osteopaths use soft tissue massage, Stretching, Mobilisation, Fascial Release and harmonic oscillations. They can also manipulate the spine and any other joint if it is indicated. Some Osteopaths may use Cranial techniques for the calming of the Nervous System or Dry Needling for specific muscle release.

At the end of your treatment the Osteopath will give you a working Diagnosis and a likely length of time the issue will take to resolve. You may need only one treatment or a few follow-up visits depending on the presenting complaint.